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About Moab

Why Moab? No other landscape in the Western United States is as complete as Moab. Only at Moab does the Colorado River, the “Master River” of the southwest, meet with a spacious valley, towering red rock formations and a mountain range soaring nearly 13,000 feet. Moab Valley is the most interior reach of the 4,000 foot contour in the Rocky Mountain/Colorado Plateau region.. So what? This means a climate not dissimilar to Las Vegas, is juxtaposed with a huge river and towering snow covered peaks. On almost any day of the year a recreationalist can choose weather from two or three seasons just by picking a nearby elevation.In spring it is possible to ski in the morning, boat at mid-day and mountain bike in the evening. During summer there are endless miles of cool upper elevation mesas for biking. The La Sal Mountains offer biking, hiking, fly-fishing and lollygagging. The river is always there for a dip or a boat jaunt. Autumn is so spectacular as to defy description, with balmy days and cool nights. If there is an off-season, it is winter. Mid-winter in Moab is a well kept secret of crystalline vistas, empty National Parks, outrageous back-country skiing and delightful canyoneering.

Moab is gateway to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. Several Wilderness Study Areas and a National Forest are just beyond the City limits. The Colorado River at Moab is a peaceful stretch perfect for canoes, kayaks, even motor-launches. A little known marvel is that there is a navigable waterway on the Colorado and Green Rivers which stretches some 180 miles between Moab and Green River. There is more rock climbing in Moab than in Yosemite National Park. Canyoneering, a delightful sport of exploring labrynthine passages in the rocky landscape, is unlimited.The LaSal Mountains are the second highest mountains in Utah, reaching nearly to 13,000 feet.  They are virtually untapped as a back-country skiing area. A trailhead is plowed all winter to about 9,500 feet. In summer the high peaks make for thrilling views across the Canyon Country.moab6830

Moab is the boundary location of the ancient Fremont and Anasazi cultures. The Spanish Trail, an overland route from missions at Santa Fe to Monterrey, found a natural river crossing at Moab during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Later, Butch Cassidy frequented Moab when it was a fledgling Anglo settlement. The late 19th Century was a bit rough in Moab, which was also known as Robber’s Roost. Archeology, rock-art and western tales are unusually rich in the Moab region.

The largest wetland on the upper Colorado River has been preserved at Moab by the Nature Conservancy as the Scott M. Matheson Wetlands, where migrating and resident birds may be viewed in abundance all year.

Moab is known as the Mountain Bike Capital of the Universe. The Slickrock Trail, behind Moab Springs Ranch, has no peer in the world. Dozens of easier (and harder) routes criss-cross the canyon country round about. Scenic road-biking along the Colorado River is being made safer with new designs for trails and road improvements.
capitalreef_6796The community of Moab is continuing to evolve from a mining and ranching past to a tourism oriented future. A postage stamp of private property in a sea of public land, Moab still has a “rough edge”.  It has a remarkable diversity of people and services. Over 35 licensed guides and outfitters can take guests on the river, on bikes, up the rock walls and everything in between. Tours and floats vary from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Downtown Moab continues to diversify its collection of restaurants, galleries, microbreweries (there are 2), shops and other services.


  • Moab offers more outdoor recreation for more seasons than any other site in Utah
  • Club Utah’s 18 acre site is the heart of an historic Moab ranch
  • The Moab Springs Ranch is perfectly located and blessed with natural beauty
  • Club Utah plans a 4 to 5 year build-out of Moab Springs Ranch
  • A Restaurant was renovated during 2000
  • A small lodge may be added in the future

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